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TSOTELLO SEWING is an Close Company business incorporated in South Africa on September 28, 2007. Their business is recorded as In Business. The activity is registered as SEWING. It is not part of a group. The company has no filed accounts. The company was incorporated 16 years ago.

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  • -

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    Close Company

  • Status

    In Business

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  • Address

    13661 ZONE 11 SEBOKENG 1982

  • Postal Address

    13661 ZONE 11 SEBOKENG 1982

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Type informations

Since May 1, 2011, it has been impossible to incorporate a new close corporation in South Africa. There are, however, still hundreds of thousands of close corporations in existence. They are regulated chiefly by the Close Corporations Act.

A close corporation is a juristic person distinct from its members. It enjoys perpetual succession, and its members have limited liability. It has the capacity and the powers of a natural person, and is encumbered by a minimal number of formalities. It may be formed by a single person. It does not deal in shares and share capital; instead, there are "members' interests," which are determined as a percentage of ownership.

There are, with close corporations, no strict rules relating to the maintenance of capital, and they also enjoy flexibility in the arrangement of their internal relationships. There are no directors: All members have an equal say, but they carry the risk of personal liability. The fiduciary duties and duties of care and skill are codified, and the accounting and disclosure provisions are less extensive for a close corporation than for, say, a public company.

Key Financials

Key Financials are not available as TSOTELLO SEWING has not filed accounts. Accounts are required to be filed on or before 20/09/2013.

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Directors and Secretaries

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Current Officer NameAppointed
Mr Jack Roswald 2014-06-31
Mr Jim Taylor 2013-06-31
Mr Sam Ronald 2012-06-31

Company Documents

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Document TypeDate Filed
AR01 Annual Retur 2014-03-31
AD01 Change of registered office address 2013-12-31
AD01 Change of registered office address 2013-06-31
SH01 Return of Allotment of shares 2012-04-31
NEWINC New Incorporation documents. 2011-03-31


13661 ZONE 11 SEBOKENG 1982

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